What the fee will fund

  • New Memorial Stadium Rec Sports satellite fitness center to open in 2014

memorial stadium

    • Fees from the referendum will be used to design, build, operate, maintain, equip, and staff a new fitness center at Memorial Stadium.
    • The center will be open to all students and will be completed during 2014
    • Approximately 5,000ft2 of increased access to fitness equipment including cardio machines, weights, and equipment that incorporates many universal accessibility design principles
    • Conveniently located for students who have classes, work or live on the East end of campus
  • Comprehensive new Fitness and Wellness Center to open in 2017

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    • The referendum fee will be used to design, build, operate, maintain, equip and staff a new Fitness and Wellness Center (FWC)
    • Up to 35,000 ft2 of new fitness and wellness space
    • Expected to open in 2016-2017
  • Expanded services
    • These services reflect students’ priorities for the FWC as reported in a fall 2012 student survey conducted by the ASUC and the Graduate Assembly:
      • Climbing wall
      • Cardio machines
      • Low-intensity weights and weight machines
      • Activity spaces with better acoustics and temperature control
      • Alternative therapy space
      • Teaching kitchen (e.g. healthy meals in 15 minutes or less, cooking on a budget, vegetarian cooking)
      • Healthy cafĂ©
      • Whirlpool/sauna
      • Quiet space
      • The new facilities will be designed to be more accessible and inclusive; so all students will be able to pursue personal fitness and wellness in a welcoming environment.
      • Universal changing area for students who identify as transgender, whose religious or cultural beliefs require private facilities, caretakers for guests with disabilities, and parents with their children

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