Fee Breakdown

  • What Students will pay
    • Current                 $89
    • Years 1-2              $119
    • Year 3                   $124
    • Years 4-8              $167

*The fee will continue to grow incrementally, until it expires in 2045.  For that year, the cost will be $287 (adjusted for inflation, this amount is estimated to be equal to $145 by today’s standards).

  • FWF will replace two existing fees set to expire in 2016-2017, totaling $78.50.
    • 2006 Recreational Sports Fee at $50.00 per semester, increasing to $55.00 per semester in fall 2015, and expiring at the end of spring 2016.
    • 1981 Intramural Sports Facility Fee at $28.50 per semester, expiring at the end of spring 2017
  • FWF will also eliminate the $10 per semester Rec Sports membership fee, so all students automatically have an RSF membership and the membership fee becomes financial aid eligible.
  • The FWF would:
    • Apply to undergraduate and graduate students
    • Be collected during fall and spring semesters, with the same fee charged to students who attend summer session.
  • Fee Graph

Fee graph

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