Why Now?

Over the last 15 years, the student enrollment has increased by 19% while the sizes of the Recreational Sports Facility (RSF) and the University Health Services (UHS) Tang Center have remained unchanged.  As a result, many gaps have arisen such as:

  • The general standard for recreational athletic space is 8-10 ft2 per student, and we currently only have 3.5 ft2 per student
  • Rec Sports can only accommodate 33-50% of total demand.  Our current recreational facilities are inadequate to serve student needs
  • Space and funding limitations have prevented UHS from offering new, innovative mind-body services that students have been requesting
  • Insufficient funding has resulted in an inability to enhance services for students with disabilities and severe injuries
  • Group exercise classes are one of the most popular offerings by Rec Sports, but the lack of space available has limited the present variety of classes

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